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Creating lasting memories and telling stories that matter, is what motivates me.

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Lisanne Veeneman is a Dutch singer, actor and mover. Originally from Amsterdam, Lisanne received her BFA from Fontys Conservatory, Music Theatre, with her minor in education and vocal performance. She also received her MFA certificate, Musical Theatre, in New York City.

Lisanne is currently making her Vienna debut as Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera (Raimund Theatre).

Lisanne previously performed as Cover Cosette in the Dutch and Belgium tour of Les Miserables (Mackintosh), Beth in the Dutch National production of Little Women and as Florence Vassey in the National concert version of Chess the Musical. Other credits include Rosa Bud in The mystery of Edwin Drood, Ensemble in Anyone can Whistle and Anastasia in The Brothers Karamazov.

From the age of six, she developed musically by taking singing-, acting-, dancing- and piano lessons.

Lisanne has been selected by ABN-AMRO and Stage Entertainment to be coached by Karin Bloemen and Setske Mostaert in the talent central program. This resulted in the performance at the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam, in the theatre show “Volle Bloei” and the opening of the Singer Theatre in Laren with the brothers Jussen and the National Dance Theatre.

New York, Speech Fox LLC, Melanie Fox (American Dialect) 2022

Nathalie Weiss, Michael Mott, Ryan Scott Oliver, Edward Hoepelman, Samantha Hill, Ginna Claire Maison, Karin Bloemen, Michelle van de Ven, Ingrid Zeegers, Sierra Boggess, Samantha Barks, Celinde Schoenmaker, Jessica Vosk, Jessie Mueller, Sara Jean Ford and Lea Salonga

JV Mercanti, Kirsten Wyatt, Peter Duchan, Afra Hines, Michael Lowney, Britney Coleman, Brigitte Odett, Roeland Vos, Marc Krone, Marc Tumminelli, Ad Knippels, Cindy Paans, Oda Buijs and Christopher Fitzgerald

Anna Noble, Tislarm Bouie, Claire Halse, Ken Molineux, Veronique Iersel, Danielle Waaiers, Monique Hombergen and Kayla Davion

Ballet (pointe), Horseback Riding, Piano, Ukulele. Languages: Dutch, English, German (RP, American dialect) Accents: French, German, Dutch, RP

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Lisanne also provides

Singing lessons – Vocal coaching – Audition training – College audition prep

Lisanne believes that everyone has an unique voice and she’ll work together to bring out all the possibilities in your instrument.

“Your talent and musicality are my motivation.”

Lisanne will help you to apply different possibilities/methods in a healthy way, so that your vocal condition is optimally used and therefore you will be able to give your music your own individual interpretation.

Methods used

Sven Smit – Coblenzer – EVTS (Estill Voice Training Systems) – Lichtenberg method


"Lisanne has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard and her acting choices were spot on. She takes direction at a very professional level and is a joy to work with. I think she will be an asset to the theatre community for years to come. I look forward seeing her progress as a working artist!"

Samantha Hill

"I had the pleasure of teaching Lisanne recently in a workshop and I was really taken back by her talent. Her angelic soprano voice blew me away and with a talent like that she belongs on the stage. She performed as if she had been working in the industry for years and I just know she is going to achieve great things and have a big career ahead of her."

Samantha Barks

"Lisanne's skill was palpable from the start, and I found myself wishing we had time for her to sing through her entire book (and much more) - purely for my pleasure. Lisanne is gorgeous, puts together a great package, has a voice to die for, a terrific actor and is a naturally creative comedian (truly the best "I Don't Know What I'd Do" I've ever seen). A powerhouse!!!"

Ryan Scott Oliver

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